Chi-Jung Lee | 李其蓉

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in Information Science at Cornell University, advised by Cheng Zhang at SciFi Lab. I received my M.S. in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University and B.S. in Computer Science and Management and Technology from National Tsing Hua University.

My research interests focus on technical HCI, currently working on sensing and interactive systems to enable natural interaction and reduce the real and virtual world gap.

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Memory Grocery

VR Room Escape Game

The story is based on a Taiwanese comic, 用九柑仔店. The player is a teenager who lives in a big city and is unwilling to go back to the country to take over his grandparents' traditional grocery store. However, his grandfather is sick, so he has no choice but to go back to help. Accidentally, he is locked in the grocery store. The player has to explore the grocery store and solve the puzzles to escape. The puzzles are related to the memories of his grandparents, and he will find out how important the traditional grocery store is for his grandparents.

I designed and implemented the dialog system and two of the stages with Unity.



Toy Prototype

It is a toy that would sense the products parents put in the shopping cart and generate audio, visual and haptic feedback for the kids to enhance the co-shopping experience of parents and kids.

I designed and implemented the audio and haptic feedback parts with Arduino and Unity.


Happy Manor

PC Game

The player is the lord of the manor and has to raise and protect the chicken.

I designed and implemented the scene and the user interface with OpenGL and Maya.

Emotional Photo

Desktop Application

It is an application that can transfer the syle of the photo according to the emotion of the people in the photo.

I designed and implemented the user interface, photo preprocessing, and style transfer.

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